What is an MUN?

A Model United Nations aims to bring together students from high school and University to simulate a UN of intergovernmental conference, just like in real life! As a delegate you become a diplomat for the country you represent, you defend the interests of that country and try to find the best possible solution to hot topics! An MUN aims to recreate real life multilateral diplomacy!

During an MUN delegates delve into the policies and positions of an allocated country and topic. They then represent a delegate or government representative in their committee. During a MUN relevant hot topics on the international arena are discussed and delved into by the delegates, debated and solutions are sought for. Students are expected to use their communicational and diplomatic skills during the negotiations as well as taking a critical stance in order to correctly represent its country’s interests.

The trick is to be able to ensure the inclusion of your country’s priorities in the final resolution that will be voted upon at the end of the debates. Most MUNs simulate several committees within the UN system. We think for instance of the committee’s that are a part of the Economic and Social council or of the General Assembly and can cover a range of topics. The Security Council is equally a perfect contender.


MUNs for highschools

Whilst MUNs are popular among university students in Belgium, high school students are generally not engaged in the process. For this reason VVN has been organizing MUNs specifically for high school students since 2010. Members of VVN Youth ensure the day-to-day working of the MUNs as well as helping students with their preparation, developing guides, classes, handbooks on diplomacy and negotiations, etc. These projects have since then been maintained and a full overview can be found on the Dutch section of the website.